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Tutorial Day–Every Wednesday!

tutorial-dayTutorial Days are schedule every Wednesday from October to May.  This time permits the grade 8 groups to work with their mentors, grades 9-12 students to study and complete assignments, and teachers to collaborate on professional development initiatives.

Students should arrive on time, ready to complete work for their courses, read silently, collaborate with their groups on projects, or pursue their inquiry projects.  Bring all your materials for Tutorial AND what you will need for period 1 (only 5 minutes between them).


Room Placements are also posted throughout the school (look for orange posters).  NOTE:  Computer labs are reserved for teachers during tutorial.  The library is reserved for grade 12 students.

Tutorial DaySchedule
8:40 – 9:26 Tutorial
9:32 – 10:41 Period 1
10:41 – 10:48 Break
10:54 – 12:01 Period 2
12:01 – 12:40 Lunch
12:46 – 1:51 Period 3
1:58 – 3:03 Period 4